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[The GazettE fanfic] Bird

Title : Bird
Author : sakurared 
Chapter(s) : One-shot/
Genre(s) : Sad
Rating : G
Pairing(s) : Aoi/Uruha
Warnings :  no
Dislaimer: I don't own them, only story belongs to me

 I wish I had wings to fly into the blue clear sky as a bird
I wish I were a wave to travel all vast, huge sea

The last summer wind didn't blow, whenever the cicada’s sound became silent

-  What are you doing

- Ah! I’m drawing the bird outside the window!

- Let me see! This swallow should have migrated with its fellow-creature at this time!

- What wil happen to him?.
- I afraid he can’t deal with the cold winter.


The sad expression in your face makes my heart painful. I hug your thin shoulders slightly. The antiseptic smell is so strong. I’m anguished when facing the real fact.

To spring, only to spring

Counting the yellow leaves leaving the branch one by one, I was looking forward to meeting you day by day

Counting the yellow leaves leaving the branch one by one, I was looking forward to the day you visit me

- We will play firework whenever you recover! Going to the festival together, then join my school’s anniversary to see your band’s performance!

You smiled, a holy smile, the most precious smile in my heart. I nodded quietly without a word. You couldn’t

Winter came…

Where is he, little swallow?

Does he alive?

Is he ok?

Your arms were so warm, as if cold had never existed

You held my hand tightly, your tears rolled down. Though you said nothing, I know the time isn’t long, is it?


-  Don’t cry!

I wiped your tears away while my tears poured down my own cheeks. We hugged each other, tears wetted our shoulder

Every morning I woke up, you always sat next to my bed. Brushing strand on your face, I watched your face carefully. Do you know how thin you became?

Watching you were sleeping, slid my fingers into your soft hair. You look so pale


I greved so much…

How painful i were

Color of cherry blossom dyed a corner of sky to red

Where is spring? I don’t know

Far away…

The place you are

I wish I just were…

A little bird

A flower

To see you everyday

“My dear blue”

Put up a branch of flower on your shoulder

Be a nestle and return to my side

“My own beautiful bird”

I only love you



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